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"I established Hawliau in April 2013 to explore the role of ethics, rights and values in Organisations."

I established Hawliau in April 2013 to explore the role of ethics, rights and values in Organisations. This exploration is relevant to all of the work which I do. Hawliau exists to provide a bespoke training, facilitation and policy service around a number of key areas. These are Leadership, Migration, Positive Psychology of Ageing, Social Care, Equality and Human Rights. Whilst these areas are discrete in some levels they share some common interests based upon my career experience.

Hawliau helps organisations using a range of conversation techniques to explore as deeply as possible the need for change with a constant focus on quality. Many of these conversations seem to focus on improving services or well-being or quality of life. In terms of my work an ideal mix is direct work with individuals, group based learning and facilitation and conversation based work with communities. I am drawn to learning and research and try to integrate this into my day to day work.

Much of my work seems to have an edge to it and I have been described as a ‘disrupter ‘. I see this as a positive as my feedback is that ‘I get people to think about things in a different way’.

Further feedback can be found in the testimonials section (coming soon!). My role is to support people and organisations to think then act then change. Whilst for many the disruptor label would be one to avoid it for me links to my work on organisational conversations which empower staff and users of public services to explore and deliver what is important and not always what is measured.

I am interested in working with organisations so that they become more mindful by a range of approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Kafka. Open Space ,Simu –Real and World Café. Where possible I try and explore both the conscious and unconscious aspects of organisational life and development. I aim to deliver all of my work through demonstration of key values which include co production principles. I only work with organisations and other consultants who commit to positive values in practice.

Mike Lewis


Bespoke Training

Doing things differently through exploring new knowledge and thinking about how to improve. Get in touch to discuss how we get better outcomes with bespoke training.


Conversations about change leading to improved quality and wellbeing in organisations. Get in touch to see what conversations we can facilitate.

Policy Analysis

Using evidence based practice in your organisational context. Get in touch to see how policy analysis can make the world a better place.


Get in touch to find out how we can explore the role of ethics, rights and values in your Organisation!



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